Advante H2O Water Filtration System


Need hot or cold water instantly? You no longer need to boil water or keep bottles stored in the fridge which take up space and waste your precious time. With the Advante H20 Water Filtration System, you will have both hot and cold water instantly when you need it. For ease of space, user has the option of situating device in either tabletop or floor standing position.

This product also utilizes a unique water filtration system that produces fresh energy water (Including good minerals, oxygen released from the filter’s mineral balls and stones). Hence, it can be used either at home or in your office. Advante H2O Water Filtration System comes with a in-built UV lamp (UV rays can kill up to 99% of all germs and bacteria.) and filters that help to reduce chlorine (up to 99%), rust, impurities and neutralizes water odour.

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