Water Purifiers

Water purification is vital for our health as humans are sensitive to water contamination. There is a plentiful of chemicals and contaminants found in unfiltered water. Therefore, fluoride and chloride are the typically used chemicals to remove these contaminants from the municipal tap water. In low quantities, fluoride and chloride are harmless to us. However, in large quantities and over a long period of intake; be it drinking or even taking long showers (inhaling), can be harmful to us.

Water Purifiers can benefit everyone especially individuals having impaired immune system (elderly or those undergoing cancer treatment) as these filters can filter out harmful bacteria and viruses.

Drinking filtered water may improve our skin hydration, better nutrient absorption and also aid weight loss through body detoxification. Besides the contribution to our overall health, a Water Purifier can also save us boiling water time and prevents limescale build-up in our home appliances such as humidifier, coffee machine, steam iron & etc.

In fact, the impurities in the water also influence its flavour: the taste of food we cook in it as well as our favourite coffee and tea. Now, we can all consume better water from our homes: free from rust, chlorine or other micro-particles that may be present in it.

Our water purifiers run the gamut from simple water pitchers to tabletop and stand-alone dispensers.

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Showing 1–12 of 38 results