AirVita Plasma Purifier 15 – Car Use (UV Germicidal Or Ozone Purification)


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Accessories : AirVita 15 Filter, Adaptor

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* Applicable In Singapore Only.


About AirVita Plasma Purifier :

  • Pest Removal Technology. Shock treatment can kill common pests such as ants, cockroaches and tiny “parasites”. These small pests will not survive for long periods in high ozone environment.
  • Advanced Active Carbon HEPA Technology. Filters and capture suspended particles as small as 0.1 micron. Filtration as thorough as 99.98%
  • Plasma Purification. Helps to eliminate suspended dust as well as static electricity. Also purifies toxic substances coming from car combustion such as carbon monoxide.
  • Nanometer Light Accelerant Air Purification. The Titanium Hydroxide ensures fast decomposition of harmful volatile organic compound and destroy unpleasant smell such as cigarette, food etc.
  • Ozone Purification. O3 function kills several respiratory infectious bacteria to deodorize air and prevent virus from spreading.
  • UV Germicidal Lamp. The powerful UV germicidal lamp effectively eliminate harmful airborne germs and bacteria.
  • Negative Ion Technology. Profuse production of negative ions, creates a forest like environment. Helps improve alertness, relieve fatigue, ease stress and anxiety.
  • Great for very small area and car usage.

Additional information

Model No

AirVita 15

Cold cathode UVC Germicidal Lamp


Negative Ionizer


Negative ions output

>1,000,000 ions/cm3

Ozone Concentration


UVC wavelength


UVC irradiation intensity

1,000 μw/cm2 (surface)

Effective Range

15 m²

Rating Voltage

DC12V – 24V

Power Supply Included

AC100V-240V / DC12V Main Adaptor and Car Lighter Adaptor

Power Consumption

5 Watts


335 grams