Blueair 403 Air Purifier (Display Unit Without Box)


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Filtration Efficiency – Remove 99.97% of all particles 0.1 micron (μm) or larger in size from the air.

Reduce – Dust mites, pollen, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gaseous contaminants, odors from smoke, pets and cooking.

Less Noise – The new Blueair 650E is the only air purifier that uses HEPASilent™ technology. It combines electrostatic and mechanical filter technology that deliver more clean air at a faster rate, with less noise.

Certified – It has been certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) with the highest CADR  (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating possible in test. Refer to & for more information.

Suitable For Mid-Size Rooms – 365 ft2 or 34 m2

Easy-To-Use Manual Adjustable Knob – 4 levels of adjustable fan speed.


Include Filter Replacement Indicator – This magnetic timer reminds you to change your filters every 6 months as recommended for optimal performance of your Blueair air purifier. The filter change indicator is a timer that counts down from 188 days (6 months). The timer is independent of actual run time. When 0 days remain, change the filters and reset the timer for another 188 days (6 months).

Durable Material – The Blueair system housing is made of galvanized steel, rather than less durable plastic.

Diagram On How It Works


Air is drawn into the unit via an ultra-quiet fan from one side of the unit. Airborne particles pass through an ion chamber and are charged to ensure that they adhere effortlessly to Blueair’ s progressive three-stage filter. Cleaned air that is free of impurities is recirculated into the room.

Additional information

Filter Efficiency




Smoke CADR


Pollen CADR


Room Capacity

34 m2 Or 370 Sq.Ft.

Size (mm)

590 (h) x 500 (w) x 275 (d)

Power Consumption

30 – 80 Watts

Air Exchange Per Hour**

5 at room size 34m² **Air changes per hour are calculated on the recommended room size, assuming 8 foot(2.4m) ceiling

Product Weight (Lbs)


Noise Level (dB(A))

32 – 52

On/Off Timer


Speed Control Options



No – Handles

Air Outlet


Air Inlet


Air Flow

Electronic Sensor With Remote


Filter Replacement Indicator