Novita Air Dehumidifier ND290-i 30 Days Rental (Extraction 12 Litres)


30 Days Rental Period.

Refundable Initial Deposit Of $100 Is Required.

Able To Offset 30 Days Rental Fee For A New Air Dehumidifier.

Price Include 2 Way Transport (Delivery & Collection Of Dehumidifier).

Payment : Bank Transfer, Cash, PayNow/PayLah


The NOVITA Dehumidifier ND290-i is a streamline model that dehumidify your surroundings by extracting a total of 12 litres of water for you per day. Compact and portable, the lightweight design of ND290-i gives users the ease of transport for usage in your entire household.

Additional information


Voltage Frequency

Consumption In Watts

Tank Capacity In Litres

Temp. Humidity Reading

Desired Humidity Setting

Running Temperature


Refrigerant Used CFC Free

Unit Dimensions h x w x d

Continuous Drainage

Air Flow

Noise Level In dBA

Auto Stop And Indicator

Wall Mount Capability