Novita Air Purifier NAP606


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Accessory : NAP606 Replacement Filter Pack

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* Applicable In Singapore Only.


Features of Novita Air Purifier NAP606

  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) on PM2.5 smoke.
    Practical solution to eliminating airborne pollutants and unpleasant odours. Definition of Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) : It is a standard that indicates the volume of air that an air cleaner supplies in 1 minute.
    Develop by Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), CADR is an international standard that measures the particulate collection performance of air cleaners.
  • Comes with a semi-permanent built-in ionizer
    Producing up to 20 million negative ions that can effectively eliminate airborne germs and allergens while providing an overall calming effect.
  • PuriPRO™ Filtration System.
    Capable of achieving a cleanroom standard classification as high as class ISO 150.
    Definition of cleanroom is an environment, generally required in manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries products or scientific research, with a controlled level of contaminants such as dust, airborne microbes, and chemical vapours. The levels are specified by the number of particles, of a specified particle size, per cubic meter.
  • Equipped with High Performance DC Brushless Motor System
    – 30% higher performance standard. Greater efficiency, reliability and durability.
    – 30%-50% less power consumption. Higher energy saving than conventional AC motor system. (Based on High Fan Speed Setting)
    – Quiet operation below 40dB. Almost soundless, for quiet peace. (Based on Silent Mode Operation)
    – 3 years motor warranty, extended quality assurance to guarantee your confidence.
    – 30,000 hours of motor working lifespan, longer life expectancy with its frictionless operation.
  • Dual Air Quality Sensor (Particular & Chemical Sensors) for complete air quality detection.
  • Reminds users for timely filter replacement.
  • Allow users to choose between Auto Modes, Manual Fan Speeds or Programmable Timer for desired customized experience.
  • 5 Fan Speed Setting
    To satisfy your air quality needs.

NAP606 Control Panel Filter Indicator

Novita NAP606 Air Purifier Control Panel - Filter Replacement Indicator

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