Novita NP3290/2290/2230 UF Version Filter


Delivery Pack Content: 1 Set Of 2 Pcs

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Accessory : NP2290 Filter Pack

Spare Part : Carbon Dust Cap, Lid

For Models : NP3290, NP2290, NP1190

Sold By MJ HUB Pte Ltd.


Recommended Replacement : Approx. every 150 Litres or 30 days based on 1 pc of filter usage.


Step 1: Ion-Exchange Resin (IER)

  • Soften water to enhance absorption into body.
  • Reduce both heavy metals and hardness ions through absorptive exchange process.

Step 2: Silver Activated Carbon (SAC)

  • Intensive ‘Absorptive’ Filtration.
  • Anti-Bacterial Silver Impregnation.
  • Remove residual chlorine.
  • Remove VOC.
  • Deodorization effect.

Step 3: HydroPlus® Elements

  • Promote neutralization of excess acidic waste.
    – By increasing pH to mild alkaline level.
  • Promote antioxidant effect.
    – Helps to slow down oxidation.
  • Helps to break down smaller water molecule cluster size.
    – Promote better hydration and detoxification.
  • Promote metabolism and blood circulation.
    – Irradiate Far Infrared Rays to form energy water.

Step 4: NSF Certified Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane

  • The Korean made advanced ultra-hollow membrane NP2200UF is NSF certified against NSF/ANSI standard 42 for material safety compliance.
  • Adopts advanced ultra-fine hollow fibre microporous membrane technology.
  • Extensive physical size exclusion filtration to remove suspended colloids up to 0.1 micron.
  • Effectively remove up to 99.99% of E.Coli bacteria*
    *Antimicrobial efficiency claim is tested and verified by third party independent laboratory.
  • Applicable to NP2200UF, a component within NP2290UF filter cartridge.