Technovation PD40-LAE Air Dehumidifier (Extraction 40 Litres)


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The PD40LAE is a medium size, floor standing condensation dehumidifier, designed for Medium-Large floor area application. It is a general purpose machine for controlling medium range humidity. It has an ideal air circulation versus drying capacity ratio. As such , no messy duct work is required when this unit is used.

Unlike larger models which have a very large drying capacity, which required air distribution channels like duct work to convey the dry air from one part of the room to another , the PD40LAE covers just sufficient floor area. The strong blower circulate the dry air evenly. Therefore, it is ideal for large space dehumidification application. Multiple units are placed at strategic corners of a large space. Installation work is minimal, with no more than a simple 230 VAC power supply and a drain pipe. Thousands of square meter space can be dehumidified without a single duct work.

The PD40-LAE dehumidifier is aesthetically designed with digital humidistat, together with several status indicating lights. The PD 40 has a built-in duct filter. It is easily removed for cleaning. Only normal PVC pipe is required for permanent installation. Normal flexible hose can be applied for portable application. The dehumidifier stops automatically when ambient reaches the humidity set. A high electrical efficiency is achieved by the system.

An auto-defrost feature is incorporated in the system to keep the unit from freezing during low temperature and humidity operation. The unit is quite for its large capacity! It has anti-vibration bush mountings for its compressor absorbs & shields noise effectively.

Special Features:

1) Automatic Control.

2) Sleek body.

3) CFC Free.

4) Digital Display.

5) Silent Operation.

6) Auto Defrost.

7) Light Weight.

8) Low Power Consumption.

9) Drain Pipe Outlet.

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